Growing up on a farm in eastern Kentucky and hunting every fall taught Terry the value of the natural lifestyle. Growing up in the 70’s and seeing the pain and suffering of the older generation, even at an early age he questioned why won’t someone help these people. Being blessed with the distrust of doctors, he always had a fire kindling inside to find the answers.

Then one a very dark day, he had to sit back and watch his wife’s life slip away from all the drugs given to her when she found out she had diabetes and all he can remember was the doctors and nurse tell him, “OH! That happens some times!” Thankfully Our Creator showed Favor and spared her life. This led Terry to once again ask, Why won’t someone help?, All they want to do is give out Drugs! Drugs that Kill innocent life!

The more research Terry did it became clear that the modern medical industry had lost it’s way and had No Clue as how to help people heal, nor did they care! Trying to find a way to cure his wife’s diabetes led to nutrition and how we are design to eat and what foods we need for medicine.Then Terry found a very forgotten way of natural healing which led him to a man named Dr. John Christopher and The School Of Natural Healing.

Now all this journey Terry had the dream as to offer his knowledge to others and created what you see now Hillbilly Ann’s Naturals where his staff offer’s only the best products that can be found.

Our Herbal Vitality Consultations focuses on the health of the whole body taking into account of each individuals family history and we develop a program just for them, just as no two people are alike our programs are no alike. Our goal is the help our clients reach their health goals as fast as possible and for them to achieve Vitality they deserve.

The Differences Between Natural Healing and Medical Intervention